Angela Chute Leadership Coach

TODAY’s Focus: Our WORDS

FACT: Our WORDS have impact. We can use them to share value or we can use them to add noise. We can use them to build up or we can use them to tear down.

I was involved in several conversations yesterday, but two really stood out. “I don’t mean to be critical but…..” really MEANS, I have every intention of being critical and I KNOW it.  “I don’t mean to be negative but….” really MEANS, I have every intention of being negative and I KNOW it. Neither had any VALUE to add, just spouting a noisy unhelpful opinion. There’s enough meanness and negativity in the world. Do we want to add more?

I challenge us to consider our INTENT before we speak. Random opinions are a dime a dozen, cheap, and everyone has one. Negative and critical is easy. IF our intent is to share our brilliant, insightful, knowledge, first we need to ask ourselves, do we HAVE any? Critical and negative opinions add nothing. it makes us look small minded and valueless. Why bother?

This world is noisy enough. There are way too many voices saying NOTHING, but look at me, look at me. TODAY, I invite you to join me, let’s STAND out. We are brilliant. Let’s let our brilliance shine. We are overflowing with VALUE, let’s not be stingy. Let’s share our value.

Let’s choose to intentionally SAY what we mean and MEAN what we say.

TODAY, Let’s say LESS and be more IMPACTFUL. Let’s be social. Let’s join conversations, LOTS of conversations, but ONLY ones where we can actually share our brilliance and ADD true, positive value.

Have an AWESOME day!

By the way, Toastmasters is an excellent place to sharpen thinking, speaking and leadership skill.

~ Angela Chute, CLBC

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